Bullet Force Multiplayer Shooter

Bullet Force Multiplayer Shooter

Bullet Force Multiplayer Shooter


Bullet Force is a first-person shooter game that includes several modes including both single-player and multiplayer shooting modes. 

The video game is inclusive of all types of players from beginners to experts. It wants players to enhance and improve their virtual combat skills.

Bullet Force Multiplayer provides its users with a wide range of different game maps to help facilitate different strategies and gaming styles. You can choose a map with the mutual consent of your teammates. 

Then you just have to take down targets by sustaining minimal damage to yourself and your team. The team who eliminates its opponents duly in time wins the game!


Lucas Wilde initially created Bullet Force Multiplayer. Blayze Games has developed the video game.

Release Date

The initial release date of the video game is June 2016. Later in March 2018, it got upgraded with its dynamic features and sophisticated 3G graphics. 


It can be played on both Android and Apple smartphones through their respective apps. You can also play Bullet Force crazy games in your PC’s browser by using WebGL. 


What Kind Of Game Is Bullet Force Multiplayer?

Bullet Force Multiplayer is one of the many high-quality 3D free online shooting games involving combat which consists of virtual battlegrounds in a first-person perspective. 

Bullet Force allows its users to customize their loadout by selecting different types of weapons in different game modes on various game maps.

How To Play Bullet Force On PC?

You can play Bullet Force in your PC’s browser by using WebGL. All you have to do is go to and either play as a guest in your browser or log into your account through Facebook. 

How To Get Gold In Bullet Force?

Bullet Force Multiplayer deals in two types of currencies mainly. They are:

  1. Credits 

  2. And Gold

You can access both the currencies on mobile apps. But you can only access Credits when logged in from a PC. 

According to the rules of the game, you get credits by completing missions. You can add up Credits by playing matches or purchase them by using Gold. 

Organically, you can only achieve free Gold by watching ads in the Shop section, which help you earn 5 Gold coins. Keep in mind that you can only view ads up to 5 times a day!

Is an AK47 Better Than an M200?

The most popular weapon in Bullet Force Multiplayer is the AK47 undoubtedly. But it is smart to remember that at specific scenarios, it is not one of the most suitable options to kill your target. 

Of course, it does have exceptional accuracy and range, but when it comes to taking down long-distance targets, it’s precision is not one of the best. Also, the rate of fire of AK47 is not the quickest.


To resolve that you can use the M200 sniper gun, but it has its drawbacks too. It takes 2 seconds to reload, which may mean your death in critical, frantic one-on-one combat. It’s better to reload it undercover to avoid your enemy’s fire. The M200 is also very expensive.

So it all boils down to your needs and combat styles and techniques! 

Does the Bullet Force Multiplayer Have Bugs?

No, the Bullet Force Multiplayer is a complete bug and glitch-free video game. It has been in the market for quite some time. And that’s why issues have been fixed with several updates in the past. 

All the bugs and issues were removed when Version 1.33 was released. The animation and the interface were also improved overtime for an overall enhanced experience. 

Will I Be Able To Play Bullet Force At School?

Since many students have found workable alternatives in the form of Unblocked HTML games. Yes, you can access Bullet Force unblocked almost anywhere— be it at work or school!




WASD to move

Spacebar to jump

T to chat

Mouse to shoot

Shift to run

P to pause the game

Enter to respawn

G to throw a grenade

E to pick up a gun

F to use a knife

R to reload your weapon

C to crouch

2 to change your weapon

Arrow keys for killstreaks

Tab key for the score