SocCar is a new 3D football game inspired by the famous Rocket League game!

Play as a guest or login, then select a room to join the multiplayer fun.

You will join either the red team or the blue team. See if you can score some screamers! 

Unlike most soccer games, SocCar puts you inside a remote control car, as you take on your opponents on the pitch. 

The car comes fully equipped with a rifle for extra excitement!


  • Awesome 3D physics
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Multiplayer game experience
  • Upgradable vehicle to help your stats
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Easy to play, difficult to master

Developer: Martian Games

Release date: 2019

Format: Webgl / HTML5

Tips & Tricks: Don't forget to use Left Mouse Button to shoot! It doesn't work well if you just drive into the ball!

Similar Games: SocCar is a game comparable with the smash hit game Rocket League . Other cool football and soccer games include Pele: Soccer Legend , 4x4 Soccer and Street Free Kick 3D. They're all available (and a whole lot more) to play for free here on

My Game is going slow, help

If the game is lagging it could be because of your internet or it could be because your PC is having a hard time running it.

If your PC is old on the main menu you can try changing the quality be clicking “graphics” in the top right corner. Try low quality if your game is running slow. If it’s not running slow you should use high quality.



WASD or arrow keys to drive
Left mouse button to shoot
Right mouse button to roll
Shift to use turbo
Spacebar to jump
C to change the camera angle
ESC to return to the menu