Overview: 2 is a follow-up sequel of the popular Voodoo game for teens, children, and adults. The purpose of the game is pretty straightforward - claim as much territory as possible by eliminating your opponents and circling new territory into your zone.

In the beginning, you start as a tiny, ever-moving cube with a small starting territory that corresponds to your cube's colour. When you leave your territory (aka Safe Zone), you create a trail that draws on the arena. Your goal is to loop back into your zone without encountering any enemies claiming the traversed area into your territory. If another player hits your trail, you immediately die and vice versa.


When you’ll finish a task, it’ll give you a sense of achievement and closure that you’ll cherish in your memory. This is why 2 displays a progress bar in terms of percentage to tap into the innate passion to be completionists, thus keeping the players on the hook.


Lastly, this fun game also allows you to unlock new skins for your character and gives you the option to change its appearance, colour, and the pattern of your territory. Once You claim 100% of the Arena Space, you win - It's as simple as that!


You can control this game in many different ways: 

  • W/Up Arrow Key: for moving upward direction 

  • A/Left Arrow Key: for moving towards left direction 

  • S/Down Arrow Key: for moving downward direction 

  • D/Right Arrow Key: for moving towards the right direction. 

You can use your mouse for moving your player's direction.

Main Features:

  • 3-step Death Animation - First, your trail disappears. Second, your cube explodes into tiny pieces. Lastly, your territory fades away.

  • Unlock new skins.

  • A Progress tab with the Percentage of Territory captured.

  • The player with the Highest Percentage has a crown on its head.

  • Improved and neat graphics.

  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics.

  • Players can move in any direction (not just in four directions like in the original

Developer: 2 is developed by a French video game publishing company, Voodoo. The company focuses mainly on creating free and easy-to-play hyper-casual games for smartphones. 

Release Date: 

The Voodoo officially released 2 game on August 9, 2018.


How to play 2? 

  • When the game starts, the screen displays your current character along with your high score.

  • Select any of the unlocked characters and start the game.

  • Use WASD/Arrow Keys or fingers to control the direction of your cube.

  • Claim territory and kill enemies until you die. 

What is the purpose of 2?

The purpose of 2 is to claim as much territory as possible by eliminating enemies and circling new territories into your zone. Plus, it develops some of the useful skills such as developing effective strategies, enhancing the ability to respond quickly, sharpening your reflexes, and giving you a sense of owning things and how to protect them. 

How to kill other players in 2?

When players leave their territory, they create a trail that draws onto the arena. You can kill other players by hitting their tail when they are looping around. 

How to be good at 2?

There is no hard, secret formula to become an expert 2 player overnight. However, along with the practice, here are a few tricks that you can try to gain a solid grip:

  1. Stay Close to the edge of the arena.

  2. Create smaller zones rather than massive invasions.

  3. Stay Close to your Safe Zone. Don't venture too far.

  4. When you kill an enemy, quickly take as much of their territory as possible. This is because there are high chances that there won't be any enemies there.

  5. Be vigilant and beware of your environment. Strike only when you are sure you can kill someone.

  6. Lastly, be smart and patient.

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Use your mouse to direct your player. Create Shapes and return to your circle to connect it and take over that point of the map.