Phase 10

Phase 10


Journey through the Amazon Jungle, The Coral Sea and many more areas in Phase 10 offering over 100 playable levels. Phase 10 is heavily inspired by the classic game of Rummy. The player must work to empty their hand by making sets of matching cards.

Each level will have objectives the player must complete in order to progress before emptying their hand. Use special cards to hinder your opponent such as making them ‘Skip’ their turn or ‘Wild’ cards similar to those in Uno.


  • Online multiplayer

  • Over 100 playable levels

  • Unique ‘Boss’ levels

  • Chests that contain special cards


From the developers of Uno, Mattel now has to offer ‘Phase 10’ a Rummy like experience.

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Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Android and IOS

Release Date:

Feb 3rd 2020



Goal: Empty your hand

Complete Objectives to progress and create matching sets of cards