ADVERTISEMENT Snake Game Snake Game, a multiplayer strategy game with endless replay value! Start off as a small snake and grow into a mighty python. Grow your snake by eating orbs. Trick other snakes to slither into your trap, leaving you to collect their orbs and grow even more! The more orbs you collect the bigger your worm will get and the higher up the leaderboard you will go. Gather your friends and play together online!

Customise With Skins

Customise your snake with over 100 different skins or make your own. You can customize your worms 46 different segments with a wide range of colors and stars. You can make almost infinite combinations.

To change your skin, from the home screen click “Change Skin” in the bottom left corner you can then scroll through the options, or you can make your own by clicking “Build a slither” in the bottom right corner.

Release Date

March 2016

My Game is going slow, help

If the game is lagging it could be because of your internet or it could be because your PC is having a hard time running it.

If your PC is old on the main menu you can try changing the quality be clicking “graphics” in the top right corner. Try low quality if your game is running slow. If it’s not running slow you should use high quality.



The snake will slither towards your mouse, point it where you want to go.

Collect energy dots to get longer. Do not crash in to other snakes. Try to get the other players to crash in to you.

Pro Tip

Press the left mouse button to put on a burst of energy, you can use this to escape tricky spots and avoid other snakes. You can also use this to cut other users off and collect their remains.

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